The Idea

Are you an expert in your field? Do you constantly have new ideas about how your work can also benefit the lives of others? However, your content is demanding and difficult to explain - especially to the artist who is supposed to translate the content into a visiual form. Ask Modicolitor! Whether abstract science, complex technology or puzzling history: At Modicolitor, abstractive ability and technical understanding meet pedagogy and artistic implementation.

The Process

Talk to us and explain what your ideas are. Modicolitor will put your ideas together in one concept. In doing so, we determine with your help which media are ideal for presenting your content comprehensively and in a modern fashion. Is a simple 3d model sufficient to convey its history as image or agumented / virtual reality? Should it be an animation or a film that explains the complex content in a pedagogically tailored way to your target group? In addition to creating 2D animation, 3D animation, film, photography, we also write your narration if necessary and compose music suitable for your topic.

The Product

If you are satisfied with the concept, we will create your content according to your ideas. Alternatively, you can choose to sit back and leave the rest to us. Or you may like to be informed about all progress. Then we look forward to your input to fine-tune every detail.

If you are interested, write a Mail!!: